The Arboretum is the Nation’s centre for Remembrance, freely open to all.


Working with community groups from diverse backgrounds allows us to explore new perspectives on Remembrance, and helps us to develop projects, exhibitions and programmes that reflect the real lived stories of the people that we engage with. 


The pandemic affected us all differently, with some groups feeling the impact of lockdown more than others. The Lockdown Landscapes artists developed their artworks alongside some of the communities that were impacted the most. Working with artists has enabled community groups to develop new creative skills and ways of thinking. By participating in the arts they have formed new connections with people who have shared experiences, coming together to share their individual and collective stories.


The artworks that emerged from these sessions went on display as part of a special exhibition at the Arboretum, providing the communities with the chance to showcase their creativity and tell their stories to visitors from around the Nation.