Key Stage 2

Using our inspiring landscape as inspiration for a series of workshops and activities, we support various curriculum-based objectives through our fully inclusive learning programme.


Through a range of Explorer days our Key Stage 2 offer gives students the chance to interact with the subject of remembrance in a variety of ways through guided tours and talks and classroom-based activities that last up to a full day. If you’re looking for something shorter, we have our Poppy Activity and Act of Remembrance sessions that can enhance a self-led visit.

See below for more information on our short activities and range of Explorer Days.

Explorer Days

These are whole day sessions, and include a combination of classroom and outdoor based activity.


School Children on a trip at the National Memorial Arboretum

World War I

As well as a guided walk around the Arboretum, students will explore the importance of communication in WWI using key artefacts, before challenging themselves to break codes in groups to solve a secret mission. This will be followed by a dive into one of four roles that people had during WWI, going beyond the Tommy in the trench and focusing on the roles of Tunneler, Land Girl, Stretcher Bearer and Correspondent. 


This activity ensures that students learn about the symbolism behind a variety of medals, not just military but ones they might find in civilian life too. Students are encouraged to discuss and share their thoughts and ideas throughout the session, before heading out into the Arboretum for a Guided Walk to explore some of the stories behind the people who have won medals remembered in our grounds.

Image of the Memorial to the British Evacuees

World War II

Students will explore what it might be like to have stayed in the city during the Blitz and why some families chose to do this. They will also learn about rationing and see how meals in the 1930’s compare to today.

Teachers can then choose from two ‘Life as an Evacuee sessions’, as well as a Guided Walk and Act of Remembrance.

Heroes of the Holocaust

This activity explores the stories of people, from different backgrounds, who all took risks and showed great courage and determination to save the lives of Jewish people during the Holocaust.


Students will identify reasons for the actions of heroes across Europe and why some people became rescuers during the Holocaust. This session also introduces wider themes around how the Holocaust came about.

Great if you’re exploring other elements of World War II or reading Boy in the Striped Pyjamas as your literacy text. 

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Only have time for a quick visit?

Take a look at our shorter sessions, starting from only 30 minutes!

School Children participating in an Act of Remembrance

Act of Remembrance

In this activity participants reflect on the key themes of Remembrance, which is then consolidated by performing an Act of Remembrance with readings and recitative provided by us. Groups may personalise the act with their own readings, poems and songs if they wish. This activity is tailored for different age groups.


£50 per 25 participants

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Poppy Activity

This is a thought-provoking interactive session that allows participants to develop an understanding of the historic and symbolic significance of the poppy, whilst promoting British Values and respect when learning about Remembrance.


£60 per 25 participants

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School children on a guided tour

Guided Tour

Our interactive guided tours are led by specially trained Learning Guides who are adept at engaging with our younger visitors. They encompass several emotive and symbolic memorials from civilian groups as well as military associations. Our guided tours can be tailored to your group, please specify areas of interest on your booking form. 


£100 per 25 participants

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Self-Led Visits

Groups are welcome to visit the site and deliver their own activities. Visits can include self-led tours of the Arboretum and exploration of our free exhibitions, including Landscapes of Life.


We kindly request that anyone wishing to do a self-led visit still informs us of their arrival beforehand, by booking your coach in using the booking form below. 


Please also use our self-led pack to help you plan your day and ensure that your students get the most out of their visit.

Learning Groups Self Led pack Learning 23-24 booking form

Learning Booking Terms and Conditions

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School Children doing the Nature Explorer Day