How to Apply For a Memorial

The memorials in our grounds remember those who served or sacrificed for our Nation.

Our Memorials

Memorials that currently feature at the Arboretum include those to:

  • Her Majesty’s Armed Forces by service type, regiment, association or profession
  • Those who served in specific campaigns or locations since the beginning of the 20th Century
  • Our emergency services
  • Civilian services, organisations, charities, fraternity/ sorority groups who have served/ serve the nation
  • Military and Civilian organisations from across the Commonwealth who have served and sacrificed for the United Kingdom
  • Others specifically recognised for their service or sacrifice
Image of The Royal Army Medical Corps Memorial
The Royal Army Medical Corps Memorial

The Application Process

Whilst we welcome a wide range of applications, only those that can clearly demonstrate service and sacrifice for others will be forwarded to our Landscape and Memorials Committee for approval. The Committee meets quarterly.

Memorials can take the form of built memorials, works of art, natural landscapes or infrastructure projects.

Memorial applications must be completed on the official application form. Applications must comprise an outline of the nature of the service and sacrifice of those to be remembered, and scaled drawings of the proposed design which include the detail of any materials, accompanying interpretation and if possible an artist’s image of the memorial. We welcome designs featuring detail, symbolism and imaginative planting schemes, but we can no longer accept memorials featuring named individuals.

The Arboretum does not fund memorials and therefore applicants must be able to demonstrate their ability to raise funds for both the creation and maintenance of their memorial. An initial application fee of £1,000 is applicable. 

Maintenance costs can be significant but vary greatly, they depend on the materials used in the memorial and the complexity of the design.  

For initial fundraising purposes, we recommend you assume around 30% to 50% of the initial manufacture and installation of the memorial, The Arboretum team will work with the applicant, artist and constructor pre application to assist determining an accurate maintenance cost.

If you believe your memorial would meet the criteria, as outlined in our Memorial Application Policy and you are in a position to progress to the next stage of an application please contact Lindsey Smith, Support Services Administrator, to organise a pre-application meeting. We recommend that you review all of the useful documents listed below prior to submitting an inquiry to the Arboretum.