Citizens of Coventry

People without housing confronted unique challenges during the pandemic.


Many members of the homeless community were faced with increased hardship, with limited access to support services such as food banks, medical care, drop-in centres, and outreach programmes. 

In normal times, homelessness is connected with higher mental health risk, and Covid-19 added further strain. The isolation, fear, and uncertainty of the pandemic added to the struggle, leading to increased rates of anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions. 

Despite these hardships, homeless communities showed their resilience and supported each other through unprecedented times. Even during the pandemic, organisations like Citizen stepped up to provide accommodation and tailored support services to the nation’s homeless populations. 

For this exhibition, artist Sebbie Mudhai and videographer Tom Chimiak explored the experiences of those living in Citizen's supported housing, creating a poem and a film inspired by the stories of the residents and the staff who work so hard to support them. 

Group taking part in the Citizens of Coventry Exhibition

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