Breaking Ground

The National Forest, an area which includes the Arboretum, is a living example of how trees can transform things.


It is home to some of the most beautiful natural spaces in the country. Green spaces such as these provide people with the opportunity to benefit from the rejuvenating effects of the outdoors, reducing stress and promoting our mental and physical health. 

Woodlands, meadows, lakes and riversides provided perfect settings for many of us to escape to during pandemic lockdowns. People took the opportunity to feel the breeze on their faces, to hear the sound of leaves beneath their feet, and to see the animal and plant life around them, thriving and unbothered by the human crisis that was unfolding around the nation. 

For this exhibition artists Anna Horton Cremin, Natalie Linney, Rebecca Lee and Dawn Jutton worked alongside a Burton social prescribing group, running workshops in woodlands and washlands in the local area, exploring the importance of outdoor spaces for our wellbeing both during and after the pandemic. The eco-dyed textiles and soundscape represented the experiences of the group and the artists as they engaged with the living world around them. 

A team of artists creating prints for the Breaking Ground exhibition

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