Chapters of Our Lives

Gallery Two, on display until 2 December

This exhibition is an interactive tactile textile project with an aim to capture generational stories but with a difference.


Photographs linked with their stories will be printed onto fabric using specialised conductive materials and resources to make them fully interactive. 

This exhibition will recreate and revive photographs into tactile objects and displays that will not only be visual but also project sound. Just imagine a photograph being able to speak to you or to hear the sounds/music just by touch.

Question cards contained as part of the Chapters of our Lives Exhibition

Contribute Your Story

You can add your own voice to this exhibition by answering one of the six questions asked within the gallery, and adding them to the wall display. 

Janet Douglas, artist behind the 'Chapters of Our Lives' exhibition

Artist: Janet Douglas

Janet's innovative exhibition merges textiles and technology to create a tactile interactive storytelling experience. Visitors can engage with the exhibits using only their sense of touch, unlocking audio narratives connected to the photos printed onto fabric.


The result is a multimedia exhibit that is both immersive and informative, bringing each story to life through a unique fusion of art and technology.

"Sharing the touching stories and experiences of my participants with audiences at the National Memorial Arboretum is a humbling opportunity that I am grateful for. Through their photographs and narratives, I am able to showcase their inspiring journeys and emotional triumphs." 

- Janet Douglas

DJ Decks within the Chapters of Our Lives exhibition